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'66- Bobby Berry  
'66- Mike Cassidy  
'66- Cathy Flagg Reid  
'66- Faye Giles McGinley  
'66- William Ranson  
'66- David Wachsmuth  
'66- Ronnie White  
'70- Wirt Cross  
'70- Richard Gregory  
'70- Robert King  
'70- Thomas McIntyre  
'70- Arthur Smith  
'71- Joan Beal  
'71- William Beasley  
'71- Marianne Massie Slavic  
'71- Terry Oatman Redd  
'71- Rebecca Sparks Hunley  
'77- Glenn Corbin  
'77- Robin Ferrell Gauthier  
'77- Kathy Koch Stadler  
'78- Sandra Aigner Dawes  
'78- Theresa Norton Stuart  
'78- Laura Smith  
'84- Barry Knuth  
'84- Cindy McDonald Canty  
'85- Lisa Baldwin Baldwin  
'85- Kelley Baughan Ullom  
'85- Stephanie Beadles Stone  
'85- Bobby Bunch  
'85- Andrew Butler  
'85- Kim Cecil Stanley  
'85- Lori Clark Cawthorn  
'85- Nancy Fox Couch  
'85- Tandy Harless Jonske  
'85- Keith Kennedy  
'85- Steven Newcomb  
'85- Melanie Swiger Simmons  
'86- Rachel Howell  
'86- Karla McDonald  
'86- Lisa Payne Mundy  
'86- Patrick Philip  
'86- Dale Sweeney  
'86- Debby Wilson Quinn  
'87- Todd Atkinson  
'87- Chris Jones  
'87- Deanna Meadows Dolan  
'87- David Ward  
'88- Amy Bateman Patina  
'88- Kim Chappell Lawrence  
'88- Allyn Cook Cook-Swarts  
'88- Anne Marie Dodd Kegley  
'88- Kathryn Francis Hodge  
'88- Lee Shuff  
'88- Kerri Williams Moye  
'88- Amy Wright McCoy  
'89- Lauri Bailey Giles  
'89- Tina Bradley Ostmann  
'89- Julie Carmine Goolsby  
'89- Virginia Garrett Fitzpatrick  
'89- Angela McGinnis Reed  
'89- Jennifer Minter Kocik  
'89- Elizabeth Parsons Phillips  
'89- Robert Prezioso  
'89- Joy Shelton Jones  
'89- Lisa Ward Hollar  
'89- Tracy Weaver  
'89- Jennie West Miller  
'90- Shawn Cecil  
'90- Brian Martin  
'90- Melissa Noel Clayton  
'90- Deborah Reno  
'90- Lisa Rossi Slayton  
'90- Sean Small  
'91- Truly Ager  
'91- Jake Beyhl  
'91- Kelli Martin Rice  
'91- Veronica Snider Baldwin  
'91- Rachel Tate Parrish  
'96- Virginia Cheatham  
'99- Michelle Breeding Enders  

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'62- Charles Aigner  
'66- William Aigner  
'66- Maury Alkire  
'66- Bobby Berry  
'66- Mike Cassidy  
'66- Phil Frazier  
'66- Walter Lee  
'66- Clayton Light  
'66- Bart Maham  
'66- Allan Paterson  
'66- Steve Prout  
'66- Danny Redford  
'66- David Wachsmuth  
'68- Robert Cox  
'70- Thomas Frith  
'70- Thomas McIntyre  
'70- William Medlin  
'70- Joseph Prezioso  
'70- James Sauvager  
'70- Joseph Yarbrough  
'71- Thomas Blake  
'71- Timothy Chenault  
'71- W. Douglas Harvey  
'71- Wayne Kirby  
'71- Michael Lowry  
'71- Larry Sauvager  
'71- S. Bryant Thorpe  
'77- Doug Atkinson  
'77- Glenn Corbin  
'77- Donna Traylor Sinnery  
'78- Ken Barlow  
'78- Scott Crumpler  
'85- Thomas Beadles  
'85- David Caudell  
'85- Stephen Granger  
'85- Richard Hutto  
'85- Carl Knight  
'85- Mike Monfalcone  
'85- Doug Mooney  
'85- Richard Mooney  
'85- Stephanie Shaw Lentini  
'85- Lawrence Sutton ll  
'86- Charles Davis  
'86- Melissa Hicks Skelton  
'86- Dale Sweeney  
'86- Brian Woolard  
'87- Dion Caudell  
'87- Jay Hudnall  
'87- David Murphy  
'87- Michelle Murphy Tucker  
'87- Russ NASH  
'87- Sean Ricks  
'87- Bob Seifert  
'87- Tammy Wessel McNair  
'88- Dwayne Bowyer  
'88- Brian Cameron  
'88- Brett Denton  
'88- Alvin Hopson  
'88- John Krueger  
'88- Faron Miller  
'88- Stephen Morris  
'88- Michael Prall  
'88- Mike Steward  
'88- Gene Wells  
'88- James Winston  
'88- Chuck Wrenn  
'89- Nelson Eby  
'89- Darin Nikolaus  
'89- Aaron Robinson  
'90- Kevin Bazzrea  
'90- Stephen Bliley  
'90- Melissa Fincher Creery  
'90- Christopher Harris  
'90- Brian Martin  
'90- Matt Sprouse  
'91- Kevin Brackett  
'91- Douglas Coleman, Jr.  
'91- Davy Davis  
'91- Gregory Street  
'96- James Crisp  

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6,237 Alumni
(and counting)
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1,144 Alumni have added profiles to the Alumni Directory so far.

Combined, we have 2,053 children, 622 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren.

78 of us served in the U.S. Armed Forces, including 6 still on active duty.

658 of us spent a combined total of 2,577 years earning 88 Associates, 477 Bachelors, 161 Masters and 36 Doctorate degrees.

Our most-traveled? One of us has visited 51 U.S. States or Territories, and another has visited 62 foreign countries.

80 of us have birthdays this month, and 64 of us have birthdays in February.

Currently, 113 of us are retired.


Alumni in the U.S.
 American Samoa
 California 25 
 Colorado 16 
 District of Columbia
 Florida 84 
 Georgia 38 
 Illinois 10 
 Maryland 38 
 New Hampshire
 New Jersey
 New Mexico
 New York 16 
 North Carolina 123 
 Ohio 12 
 Pennsylvania 13 
 South Carolina 30 
 Tennessee 22 
 Texas 31 
 U.S. Virgin Islands
 Virginia 3667 
 Washington 16 
 West Virginia

Alumni Abroad:
 American Samoa
 Taiwan, Republic of China
 United Arab Emirates
 United Kingdom



Totals include confirmed and unconfirmed addresses as input by the reunion committee.
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